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General Rules

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Respect & Maturity
Players must be 15 years or older to join. We expect all members and staff to be respectful and considerate. Bullying, discrimination, harassment or any behaviour that excludes or alienates other members will not be tolerated. The RP deals with some sensitive topics, such as the hunting of wolves and discrimination against indiginous people, and we ask that members handle these subjects maturely. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but we ask that you keep those opinions on these matters out of OOC conversation to avoid drama. This in not the place for such debates. Also keep in mind that a character's opinion may not reflect the opinion of the writer.


  • Language 2: Your characters are allowed to swear but don't go overboard. Fuck and shit are allowed as long you use them sparsely. The same goes for other swear words.
  • Sex 1: Sexual innuedo and references are allowed if you keep it tame. We do not allow descriptions of sexual intercourse and ask that you use a fade to black. Nudity may be implied but not described.  
  • Violence 3: We permit graphic violence and gore but members are required to put a trigger warning (TW) in the thread name and/or description and/or the message in question. Mentions of blood, injury and violence don't need a TW but once you go into detail, warn your fellow roleplayers.

While this is our general rating and what you can expect while RPing here, we ask that you make sure all parties involved are okay with reading these things in your RP messages.

Skill level
We accept members of all skill levels as long as they observe common roleplay etiquette. This means you try to avoid:

  • Powerplay: Making your character (near) invincible or overly powerful (so no dodging every attack/most attacks), or perfect in every way. Everyone is flawed and has weaknesses. And sometimes things happen that are out of our control.  
  • Godmoding: Controlling the actions or injuries of a character that's not your own. This includes writing your character grabs another by the neck and strangles them. This can only be written in future tense as an attempt so the other character has room to respond or determine the outcome.
  • Metagaming: Using OOC knowledge your character has not aquired in a logical or reasonable way in their narration. The most common example is a character knowing the name of a complete stranger when they've never been introduced to each other, the stranger isn't part of their social group or otherwise (in)famous/well known. A wolf is not going to know who the dockmaster is (unless, perhaps, if they've been told by a skinwalker).
  • Retconning: Pretending an IC event has never happened. You can't have your character participate in a battle thread and then pretend they were never there in their next thread.

These things may only be done if you have permission from your RP partner. Make sure to let staff know in your replies so we don't unnecessarily point it out to you. If you accidentally do any of the above, that's okay. They can be hard to avoid sometimes so don't feel bad. Just learn from your mistake and try to avoid it in the future.

Word count
While we don't require members to write a certain amount of words in every reply, please make sure your replies consist of at least three lines when the message has been sent. And, you know, has content your RP partner can work with.

We don't use OOC accounts on Canavar. Every account will be tied to one character and must contain that character's first name only. Colonists are the exception and should be registered with first and last names. Character names must be unique so avoid picking one that's already in use. The only exception is if the character in question hasn't written anything in over two months. To find out if your desired name is already in use you can use the search function in our memberlist.
You may have as many accounts as you wish but make an effort to keep them active. We may take action if we notice you creating a lot of characters that go inactive after a few IC messages.

Staff won't do activity checks. Every member is responsible for their own activity but group and pack owners may create activity checks for their members if they wish and enforce these. If you're not going to write for a while (a week or more) please let us know in (((this thread I haven't made yet))).


  • Avatars are 200 x 300 px
  • Signatures and posting tables may not stretch messages. Also try to contain the height of signatures. If you want to add a lot of stuff to your signature please put it in a spoiler.
  • Avatar and signature images must be photos or photo manipulations. You may put character art on your profile, in a spoiler in your signature or in a posting table.
  • Try to credit the photographer and (if applicable) the artist. Google and Pinterest are not sources so don't put those in your credits field.

It's completely fine to answer questions members may have and help them out but please leave the important staffing to the staff and try to avoid backseat moderation.

Save advertisement to the designated board and follow the rules listed there. Everywhere else ads will be deleted without warning.

- No double posting (this means putting two messages right after one another. If you want to add something, edit your post).
- Try to keep it realistic. Your wolf isn't going to grow wings and fly away.
- When you're dead, you stay dead. As I said. Keep it realistic.
- You play a wolf, unless you have permission from the admin account to play something else.
- If a pack has claimed an area for themselves, they can come into any topic within that area to send you away.
- Time passes normally. Your wolf can't go from 1 to 5 within a week.
- Prey have their own locations. You don't find prey that usually lives in cold areas by the beach.
- You're not allowed to kill another wolf unless you have permission from the owner of said wolf.
- No godmode or power play. You decide what your wolf does. Another player decides what their wolf does.
- Your wolf isn't invincible. That's unfair.
- You write in either English or Dutch. Plot-related topics are only in English. Your character is allowed to be able to speak another language, but try to keep said other language to a minimum.
- Nothing 18+.
- Strong language is not appreciated.
- No one needs to know all the gory details about your wolf's injuries, thank you. (& if you really want to add gory details, give a little warning in the topic title and/or the first post)
- Try to use the right account for your post. If you realize you used the wrong one, delete the post and post it with the correct character.
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General Rules
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