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PostSubject: General Rules General Rules EmptyWed Feb 06 2019, 15:09

- No bullying, discrimination or anything that could be harmful to another player.
- No 18+ anywhere.
- No swearing.
- Don't put multiple messages after one another (except for things like pack, where you give updates)
- No advertising outside of the designated part of the forum for it.
- You're allowed to have multiple characters, but please, don't make five and then go inactive. This is annoying for everyone you play with.
- Listen to the mods.
- Don't give your character a name that's already in use.

- No double posting (this means putting two messages right after one another. If you want to add something, edit your post).
- Try to keep it realistic. Your wolf isn't going to grow wings and fly away.
- When you're dead, you stay dead. As I said. Keep it realistic.
- You play a wolf, unless you have permission from the admin account to play something else.
- If a pack has claimed an area for themselves, they can come into any topic within that area to send you away.
- Time passes normally. Your wolf can't go from 1 to 5 within a week.
- Prey have their own locations. You don't find prey that usually lives in cold areas by the beach.
- You're not allowed to kill another wolf unless you have permission from the owner of said wolf.
- No godmode or power play. You decide what your wolf does. Another player decides what their wolf does.
- Your wolf isn't invincible. That's unfair.
- You write in either English or Dutch. Plot-related topics are only in English. Your character is allowed to be able to speak another language, but try to keep said other language to a minimum.
- Nothing 18+.
- Strong language is not appreciated.
- No one needs to know all the gory details about your wolf's injuries, thank you. (& if you really want to add gory details, give a little warning in the topic title and/or the first post)
- Try to use the right account for your post. If you realize you used the wrong one, delete the post and post it with the correct character.

- Your avatar should be 200 x 300px.
- Your signature shouldn't stretch out the page.
- The avatar is usually there to show the appearance of your character, so put a picture of your character and not something else.
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General Rules
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