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Roleplay and character rules Welcome


Tundra, Fjords, Plains

Tundra, Fjords, Plains

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Roleplay and character rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay and character rules Roleplay and character rules EmptyWed May 12 2021, 14:20


With the exception of eye colours, character appearances must be realistic, so you can have a coyote with pink eyes but not with pink fur. This includes realistic coat markings. If you can find a wolf (or a high content wolfdog) with unique markings you may use it for your character if you can't then you may not use it. Another exception is colous that are theoretically possible but have never been recorded in said species. So yes, you may have a wolf with albinism or piebaldism if you want.

Your character's backstory must be reasonable for the setting and their species. You're free to make them suffer as much or as little as you wish but there has to be a logical explanation for how they managed to survive it all or avoid the poor life conditions characteristic of the time and/or their social status. A four month old wolf pup will not survive on their own for more than a day (if they even manage that). Humans may originate from Africa, Asia, Europe or South-America and have moved to the colony at some point in their lives. Canids, however, may not.

Birth and age
For canines, the season/month of birth must align with reality. In other words, your wolf can't be born in winter. Below you can see the maximum life expectancy of each species. Once your character hits the max number of years they can live, they must die one way or another before the start of the next ingame year. Once they reach their minimum, they'll be considered an "elder". Their experience and knowledge will provide some advantages in dice rolls for territory disputes and/or large battles but their bodies will be in decline. If the next year rolls around and your character hasn't died yet staff will roll a random death and add them to the deceased group, meaning they will no longer be able to RP in the IC category. Characters will continue to age even if they haven't been active.

Life expectancy:

  • Humans: 55-70 years
  • Skinwalkers: 40-45 years
  • Wolves: 8-12 years
  • Coyotes: 8-10 years
  • Foxes: 6-9 years

When your character dies that's it. You'll not be able to revive them in any way so if you decide to kill them off early don't take the decision lightly. However, just because your character is dead doesn't mean you won't be able to RP with them at all. We got a little something specifically for dead characters. If you want to kill another player's character you must have their permission. If you kill a character without the owner's permission it'll be considered powerplay and the killing may be disregarded.


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Roleplay and character rules
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