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A land divided between beasts and men, doomed to clash forever. In the heartlands of Canavar, mankind makes their first onslaught on nature, destroying the very thing that created them, unstoppable thanks to the metal tools they wield. No one stands in their way but the wolves, who are still determined to pursue the ancient ways and push the humans back to protect their realm, no matter the cost. Now men has turned on them and hunts them like prey, as the imminent threat of a savage war breaking out grows with each passing day.

Before the humans arrived, however, Canavar used to be thriving wild world of its own. In the north, the towering fjords keep the sea at bay while vast, frigid tundras reach to regions undiscovered. Down in the south, the rough copper bluffs of the canyons and the prairies surrounding it go on forever, shouldered on both sides by the grave of a mighty supervolcano in the east and the deep redwood forest in the west. Caught in between are the fields, once lush and expansive, but now littered with human settlements and structures that fill the sky with black mist and defile the rivers with unknown poison. The stain of humanity is spreading into animal territory at an alarming rate, and the question when the tension will explode remains unanswered. To be continued...
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About Canavar
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