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Accounts : Katara
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(Sub)species : Polar Wolf
Gender : Female
Age : 2 years
VA : Billie Eilish

PostSubject: ❆Katara❆ ❆Katara❆ EmptySun Apr 14 2019, 21:57

❆Katara❆ Xoxox

Name: Katara
Nickname(s): Sweetness or Sweety (by her parents and some of her friends)
Pronunciation: Kah-tah-rah
Age: 2 years
Bloodline: Polar wolf
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Pack: Ex- Ocean Howler
Season of birth: Spring
Gender: Female

Fur color: White
Build: Small, slim
Fur lenght: Fluffy and soft
Eye color: Ocean, dark blue

Mother: Kya
Father: Hakoda
Brothers: Sokka, Noatak
Sisters: Korra, Kanna
Partner: -
Pups: None

General Discription: Katara is has a  kind soul and has a brave character. She doesn’t like fights and becauseof that, isn't the best fighter. Katara is not someone who turns her back on someone when they need her, she is will to do anything, even if it means risking her own life, for her friends and family. The polar wolf is very mature for her age, some may even say she acts motherly. She also is very emotionally and you can get under her skin easily.
Likes: Friends, family, food, leading, singing, swimming
Dislikes: Fights, blood bla bla bla

Fighting: ●●○○○
Stamina: ●●●○○
Hunting: ●●●●
Agility: ●●●○○
Swimming: ●●●●●
Speed: ●●●●
Strenght: ●●●○○
Social: ●●●○○

Katara was raised in a little pack in the north. She had very nice brothers, two sisters and lovely parents. Everything was perfect, but then everything changed when the southern wolves attacked the pack. Katara learned to care for the injured ones and hunt for food with her siblings. Unfortunately Katara's mother Kya passed away, because of her extreme wounds that she got for protecting her pack. Katara's family was devistated and wanted revenge. Katara's father wanted her to go with them, but Katara knew that wasn’t the right thing to do, besides the fact that they were outnumbered. Soon the pack was falling apart. When her family never came back and everyone was back on their paws they decided to go their seperate ways. Since she had no family left, she left the north and was on her way to a new life where she could begin a new start. After a lot of traveling, she found herself in a place known as Canavar.

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