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Accounts : Jack
Posts : 136
Bones : 20

(Sub)species : Iberian
Gender : Female
Age : 2,5 winters
VA : Ciarán Strange

Partner : None yet
PostSubject: Jack Jack EmptySun Apr 14 2019, 13:11

» Jack , the Wanderer
⠀⠀⠀Female | Rogue | CN | 2,5 years old

Full name: Jack (real name unknown)
Nickname(s): Jacky, Red, Metediço
Gender: Cisgender Female, she/her
Age: 2,5 years old, born in winter

» Physical Stats

Species: Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Subspecies: Canis lupus signatus

Appearance: Rusty-furred, sinewy and engraved with scars - those are the words that sum up the young Iberian pretty well. She's no neat beauty to look at, and doesn't particularly stand out if it wasn't for her peculiar facial scarring. Her body combines the agile slenderness of a hunter and the sturdy muscle tone of a warrior into a tough mix of both, and has her athletic frame wrapped in an accented ruddy coat that simply screams 'exotic'. It lays tight on the skin and is dense in nature. She holds herself with pride and has a gait characterized by a slight swagger often seen in the smaller and fiery wolves from down south.

Height: 71 cm at the shoulders
Weight: 40 kg, fluctuates a lot

» Mental Stats

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Anarchist/Hedonist mix)
Orientation: Homosexual (solid 6 on the Kinsey scale)

Personality: Living up to the blazing energy her stance and look radiates, Jack is no delicate lady in attitude and attributes either. Her mind is ever racing, fueled by volatile emotions which makes it difficult for her to keep personal passion and common sense apart; while generally foolhardy, though, she does manage to use her gray matter when needed. She's curious and mouthy and impossible to control- exactly how she likes it.
⠀Although she's no loner, Jack is not a great team player either. This isn't necessarily because she doesn't trust wolves easily, which isn't the case, but because she usually doubts others aren't able to keep up. Some see charm in her cocky outlook on life, though an arguably more attractive trait is her friendliness and loyalty. Strangely, however, while she does share the minor bit about herself or two and is very tolerant of others, Jack tends to have the majority of info about her shrouded by mysteries and mostly lies. Part of those make her a bad liar since most of her ideas are downright bizarre, yet she remains true to them no matter what, which in turn is bound to confuse folks.  

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