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Tundra, Fjords, Plains

Tundra, Fjords, Plains

Tundra,Fjords, Plains



» Beneath the Ice [Korynthe]

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PostSubject: » Beneath the Ice [Korynthe] » Beneath the Ice [Korynthe] EmptyThu Jan 23 2020, 16:21

I was born without this fear
Now only this seems clear

Ashen clouds brought along by the frigid northern winds dimmed the light of the moon above, shrouding Jack's surroundings in a partial darkness. Never before had she walked so far up north- even the trees couldn't stand the cold in this area, so up to the horizon there was nothing more than coarse grass and fuzz-lacking moss. It was a place where few living things liked to dwell; and in time Jack had realized her race was one of such creatures. Just so.. agonizingly.. cold!

Though obviously, she hadn't come there without a reason. She'd been searching for a catch- the cave.

On the border of lifeless grassland and numb, sky-high mountains sat a giant blue jewel that glimmered like the moon. All ice, frozen into eternity; undoubtedly the only interesting thing to see in the area, by far. Jack'd learned of the place's whereabouts after stealing a bunny from a coyote, a local guy, who despite his lack of brainpower to not speak Plain tongue like an idiot had been way too eager to curse her to the 'Frozen Hell' and back. She offered him the calves and feet so he could tell her more, they parted ways and here she was.

The cave seemed to have an entrance, luckily for her- the only problem about it was that it wasn't on ground level. Jack sighed and dropped the remains of her slightly frozen bunny on the gravel, then flopped on her belly to take small bits off its stomach as she planned her way up to the hole. She was no stranger to climbing, but scrambling up ice was known to either be an eye-opener or a bone-breaker.

In complete silence, Jack enjoyed the stringy meat as she fantasized ahead about her adventure to come, not at all minding what was happening around her..

I need to move, I need to fight
I need to lose myself tonight

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» Beneath the Ice [Korynthe]
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