Bones system & claiming

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On this forum we have a little something called 'Bones'. They are points which you can use to buy extras for your character you're otherwise not allowed to use. This thread lists all the different ways you can acquire Bones and how much each action is worth. This is also the place to claim Bones you've earned by performing the listed actions below. Please, do make sure to fill the form and reply to this thread so the team will be able to add the Bones to your account. Also note that you can't combine Bones you've accumulated on two different accounts to buy items and most Bones will only be added to the character account that performed the action.

* Automatic. Does not require claiming.
|| May only be claimed once every 2 weeks.
\ Bones may be assigned to a different account

* Words... Words...
- 2 Bones
Reply to an existing thread.

* Come and get me - 3 Bones
Create a new thread.

Well, that was tedious - 5 Bones
Complete a thread.

* Introductions - 5 Bones
Create an introduction thread either for yourself or your character.

World-traveller - 25 Bones
Complete one thread in each major habitat (8 threads total). Thread may be located in a sub-board in these habitats.

We're all stories - 10 Bones
Participate in a storyline that was started in the storylines board.

Stuff of legend - 20 - 50 Bones
Finish a storyline. All participants may claim these Bones on the condition they have stuck with their roles from beginning to the end. Characters that have fallen inactive during the storyline at any point and return later will not be eligible to claim the Bones. Be sure to stay active! The team will determine how many Bones a storyline is worth depending on length, creativity and amount of people participating.

|| Bring it on - 15 - 30 Bones
Have a character be involved in a physical fight. All participants gain the same amount regardless of who won and who lost.

|| Show me what you've got - 5 Bones
Practice fighting techniques with another character.

|| Killer instinct - 3 - 10 Bones
Perform a solo hunt. Doesn't have to be successful

|| Team effort - 15 - 30 Bones
Hunt with at least one other character. Hunt has to consist of 3 messages each. Hunts with more than two characters require 2 messages each. Large, creative hunts may earn more Bones. Doesn't have to be successful. (We mark the moment a wolf begins to chase their prey as the beginning of the hunt but we do use the tracking part as well to determine how many Bones participants will receive.)

Newborns - 20 Bones
Have a litter of pups.

Broken soul - 10 Bones
Lose somebody dear to you. Only 'on-screen' deaths are eligible. Deaths that happened in the past or 'off-screen' are not eligible.  
\ End of an era - 10 Bones
Die due to natural causes. Character must have been active. If we notice people creating characters just to kill them off for Bones they will not be able to claim these Bones. The only exceptions are character deaths required for storylines but make sure to notify a team-member beforehand.

\ Heroes must die - 15 Bones
Have a character be killed by another character. Again, only on-screen deaths are eligible and no deaths for the sake of earning Bones.

Form explanation
Name: Your own name or the alias you are known by on the forums.
Account: Name of the account that performed the action or the account you wish to assign the Bones to.
Actions and threads: Links to the threads in which the action was performed. Please, use the provided code.

[b]Actions and threads:[/b] [url=Link to the thread here]Name of the action here[/url]

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Bones system & claiming
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